A Better Self Through Art.

A community that appreciates art is one that is more healthy, emotionally and physically. Art lifts our spirits and challenges us to think about things in creative new ways, opening our minds to new possibilities. And, of course, a healthy mind is important to a healthy body. What employer wouldn’t want this for their employees? Imagine workers contemplating thought-provoking paintings as they walk to a colleague’s office for a brainstorming session, or taking in spectacular outdoor sculptures as they head across campus for a lunchtime pick-up game on the basketball courts. It all leads to more productivity, and more creative employees.

Art at Work.

At Austin Viie, artworks of all types are an integral part of our campus life. From paintings to sculptures to live performances, art is woven into the fabric of our community. Several Art Bazaar Plazas — indoor/outdoor flexible spaces — will provide place for performing art events such as dance and music concerts, as well as for static fine art displays, including traveling galleries.