EIGHTFOLD Austin: Market.

Many employees spend long hours at their workplaces resulting in little time left for personal care and health. Shopping at other markets is typically impractical, leaving less time for health and life balance. EIGHTFOLD Austin’s brick and mortar market is built with an open design, allowing ample room for growth and change as the needs of the campus evolve.

The EIGHTFOLD Austin campus will provide an easy to navigate whole foods marketplace to provide continual fresh, locally sourced, organic produce to residents. EIGHTFOLD Austin Market eases and facilitates the effort to live health consciously with its convenience.

EIGHTFOLD Austin’s Market is a grocery destination with every basic from milk and eggs to produce to personal and home care. We are committed to meeting our residents’ basic needs while also featuring “best in class” products, such as artisan cheeses, gourmet chocolates and coffee and international ingredients grown locally. Residents can expect to live, work, play and eat at the market every day while never leaving the comfort of their neighborhood or missing out on nutritious, fair trade products.