Live-Work, Entertain, & Celebrate.

One should always live life to the fullest — even when at work. Austin Viie offers everything employees need to get the most out of life, from a fulfilling career to life-altering health and wellness, not to mention the pleasure of enjoying captivating entertainment. A brisk stroll across campus to select a gift for Mom’s birthday, or a noontime jog along footpaths in the lovely Zen Gardens — this is living while at work.

Building a Community.

With opportunities to gather on a basketball court, at a noontime concert at the Arts Bazaar Plaza, or for laughter over a quick bite at any of the on-campus dining establishments, Austin Viie is more than a place to work. It’s a community. It’s home away from home, and not even that far from home, with plenty of housing nearby. Adhering to the Eightfold Path’s live-work tenant is easy when so much of life takes place so close to work.