Organic Farming.

Austin Viie is a place to connect to others, nature and the environment which will trigger new ways of thinking. Developed with the sole purpose for individuals to discover their Eightfold work path, the environment seeks to offer tranquility and bring about the work/life balance through a connection with nature.

The natural landscape is a key component of the campus lifestyle. Austin Viie is committed to the restoration and preservation of its land for the development of nature and farming. Forest like environments, fields and organic farmland will naturally yield resources for nature lovers and on-site farmers’ markets to offer local cafes and restaurants greater variety in healthy food choices.

Urban Farming.

The Austin Viie Farm is forty acres at the back of the property naturally preserved and devoted for the cultivation of orchards of fruit trees or nut trees, watermelon varieties or cotton plants. Our urban farm aims to serve a purpose to preserve the land for consumer engagement by providing an educational element for local school programs.