The EIGHTFOLD Austin Pillars.

EIGHTFOLD Austin’s philosophy is based on the tenets of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path and is designed to create a community without boundaries, transcending traditional work and life environments and awakening the body, mind, and spirit. By focusing on natural restoration and modern technological innovation, EIGHTFOLD Austin envisions a compact, diversified space to empower entrepreneurship, art, innovation, and wellness, interweaving all eight pillars into community members’ daily lives.


EIGHTFOLD Austin recognizes the importance of art in society, and has incorporated both fine art and the performing arts throughout campus.


This EIGHTFOLD Austin pillar encompasses eight focal points to set conditions and goals for success in work, relationships, and life.


Thoroughly committed to sustainability, we’re constructing buildings that reduce waste, conserve energy, decrease water consumption and inspire the evolution of green innovation.

Innovation & Technology

EIGHTFOLD Austin offers opportunities to break down barriers for creativity with high-level technology sectors.


EIGHTFOLD Austin offers everything the campus community requires to get the most out of life, from a fulfilling career to life-altering health and wellness.

Medical Fusion

EIGHTFOLD Austin understands and respects the direct connection between wellness and productivity, and with on-campus health resources, we’re ensuring workers stay healthy.

Organic Farming

EIGHTFOLD Austin is committed to the restoration and preservation of the natural landscape and has set aside land for the development of organic farming.

Yoga & Meditation

With opportunities for yoga practice on campus, we’re opening the door to conscious living and expansive thinking, enabling peaceful mind and spirit for EIGHTFOLD Austin's workers.

A development where inspiration meets emotions for an unforgettable experience.