Working together with Austin Energy and Trane, Austin Viie is creating the premier Green Movement campus in Austin, Texas. As an industry leader, we plan to reduce stress on the electric grid and to shrink our carbon footprint to the smallest amount possible, meeting the demands of the city, our tenants and global needs. To do this, Austin Viie has a comprehensive strategy founded on “Thrivability,” a new benchmark that gauges a project’s sustainability and cost-effectiveness as it relates to the world of renewable clean energy.

Green Energy.

We will use several green energy features to meet thrivability standards, including: a thermal storage plant that cools buildings economically during peak electricity hours; a solar array and battery system that produces its own self-sustaining energy; an ecologically sound system that meets unique water conservation needs; and the pursuit of a rigorous process that ensures we are consistently hitting our marks in the evolving green energy space.

Thermal Storage